How can business benefit from hybrid cloud performance?

Enterprises adopting new technologies are looking to the hybrid cloud model to increase productivity and flexibility. Hybrid clouds offer the right blend of cost-effective storage, high performance, security, and elasticity for enterprises constantly evolving business needs.


The hybrid cloud brings together the best of both public and private cloud computing, enabling IT organizations to prioritize their workloads, moving mission-critical applications and data to the private cloud and less critical applications and data to the public cloud, with each having its unique entity.

Sungard Availability Services – Get the Best Value out of Hybrid Cloud Computing

Sungard AS offers you:

  • Expert consultancy - In-depth evaluation, tailor-made solutions, and a detailed migration plan
  • Smooth transition - Be it in the development or test environment, or production of mission-critical operational workloads, we migrate all workloads by use case
  • Acceptance testing – Create a production environment to test the cloud services
  • Shared or dedicated infrastructure – We offer a multi-tenant infrastructure that balances exclusive resource availability with stringent requirements
  • Other services - Cloud optimization, business continuity planning, and operations management as a part of the hybrid cloud services

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