Can I achieve information security with cloud computing?

Enterprises are increasingly driven to cloud computing as a way to increase functionality, lower cost, and enhance convenience to users. Though the cloud represents the opportunity to transform your business and IT operations, various concerns regarding the availability and security of your critical applications still linger. While cloud storage can be a safe way to store large amounts of data, you also need to be aware of what to look for when it comes to security.


Getting the maximum possible business benefit out of cloud computing requires putting diligent security measures in place. Information security cloud computing needs to be placed within the context of your company, and must have the combined efforts of everyone with a stake in ensuring the security of the data being moved into the cloud. However, the fact is that the cloud is different – and by definition, has no physical walls to keep the "bad guys" away. The next best option is to find an experienced provider who can successfully meet business requirements while also meeting high security and reliability, like Sungard Availability Services.

Sungard AS offers enterprise-grade information security cloud computing services along with a portfolio of availability services, which contain a set of solutions that leverage shared, high-intensity IT resources. Easily design and provision cloud, minus the concern of patches, updates, and other troubleshooting problems. Along with tailored cloud solutions that meet your unique business needs, Sungard AS also offers:

  • A platform that's completely secure with support for various private virtual local area networks, redundant firewalls and virtual private networks along with additional security services
  • Total ease of management with both single tenant and multi-tenant clouds along with complete guidance on service selection, provisioning, sizing, patching, etc.
  • High-Availability coupled with a superior enterprise architecture and business continuity options

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