What is IT disaster recovery?


There are 3 layers of effective IT disaster recovery:

  • Protecting your data - moving your data to a secure, offsite location;
  • Recovering your systems - having ready access to the right systems, servers, hardware, and software to begin recovery; and
  • Managing your program - having the people, processes, and tools required to successfully accomplish the recovery in the event of a disaster

It is this last layer - managing your program - that we at Sungard Availability Services call "disaster recovery management." It refers to a program of making sure changes in the production environment flow into the recovery environment ("change management"), as well as executing a constant cycle of testing, gleaning insights and lessons from those tests, and integrating those insights and lessons for the next test - or the next disaster.

You need to have an effective disaster recovery management program to achieve overall business continuity. Without people, there would be no one to execute recovery. Without processes, people would not know what to do to execute the recovery. Without the right tools and automation, people would not have the resources to successfully recover within the business' objectives.

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