What is managed cloud computing?

Businesses are adopting cloud computing solutions to access resources over the Internet, run applications, and store data. Managed cloud computing service holds the key to the resilience and availability of your cloud-based applications and resources. You get the necessary storage, compute, backup, and network resources required to minimize the downtime. The multi-site availability options offer the added benefit of operations control, change management, issue resolution, and a highly resilient cloud environment.


Simplifying your Path to Managed Cloud Computing – Sungard Availability Services

Sungard Availability Services allows you to derive maximum benefit from managed cloud computing using tested procedures and proven expertise. We understand your application environment and help you setup, a truly resilient cloud environment. Sungard AS covers the entire portfolio of multi-tenant, private, and public cloud options that enable businesses with the flexibility to support full application lifecycle. Our managed cloud computing services are PCI DSS compliant, offering redundant firewalls and support for encrypted virtual private network.

Key capabilities of our managed cloud computing services include:

  • Specialized expertise for hybrid IT environments
  • Fail-over and multi-site availability options
  • Cloud Transformation and Optimization Consulting Services
  • Fully-staffed 24/7 support for monitoring and management

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