What is Private Cloud Services?

The private cloud services can be defined as a model where infrastructure and services are dedicated to you, and are maintained on a private network. With private clouds, you get all the scalability, flexibility, features, and time-to-market benefits of a public cloud service without having to let go of the controls to a third party service provider.


Benefits of private cloud include:

  • Stringent security solutions and approaches can be applied
  • Access control can be regulated
  • Eliminates the need to share resources
  • Strict conformation to security and data privacy issues

Building a dedicated cloud environment with application-level customization, performance, and security for your systems and applications requires a service partner with deep expertise and proven track record.

A Private Path to the Cloud, with Sungard AS

Sungard AS is an established leader in providing enterprise-class cloud computing solutions that are a perfect blend of availability, security, and resilience. We offer private cloud solutions that ensure security and privacy of your data. Sungard As offers two types of private cloud solutions:

Unified Cloud Services (UCS) – An enterprise cloud that provides services to an exclusive set of like-minded customers

Private Cloud Services (PCS) – Cloud services that are dedicated to your tenancy alone

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