Services Overview

​​​​​​​Sungard Availability Services provides a variety of IT services to help your company get where it wants to go, including enterprise cloud, application management​​, IT consulting, disaster recovery services, and more.

Application Management

Oracle. Microsoft Exchange. SAP. Citrix. Keep applications available when you partner with us.

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Security & Compliance

Our wide range of products and services can be custom-configured to meet your managed IT security and compliance needs.

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Disaster Recovery (RAAS)

Our full range of managed IT services focuses on data protection and recovery to help ensure the availability of your critical applications.

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Business Continuity

With a full suite of industry-leading business continuity management tools, our software is integrated to provide a powerful and intuitive planning solution.

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IT Consulting Services

Get the strategic insight and tactical know-how to help you design and build a more resilient organization when you consult with our experts.

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Cloud Services

Our fully-managed enterprise cloud services deliver the availability your applications require and the scalability and compliance your business demands.

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Hosting Services

Discover a variety of managed IT​ and hosting solutions plus customized, dedicated server configurations, all fully-managed 24/7​.

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