Across the world, enlightened IT professionals are leading the way by making their businesses resilient.

Working with Sungard AS, they’re transforming their IT environments to align the right workloads with the right infrastructures—whether hybrid, legacy or something in-between—embedding resiliency into and across the production environment.

As a result, they are able to ensure the availability of mission-critical operations, reduce complexity and risk and capitalize on the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

Download: A Model For Resilience

Gerber Life Insurance gains business resilience on a budget. (01:44)

What is resilience?

Business resilience is the ability to anticipate risk, mitigate the impact and move forward with confidence as you transform your business. Ultimately, it’s about adapting well in the face of unprecedented change and unforeseen adversity, ensuring critical applications and data are always available.


A Model for Resilience:
Three steps to a resilient, change-ready enterprise

STEP 1  Assess your resilience

Identify and prioritize all apps, workloads and dependencies to determine their readiness to support your resilience goals.

STEP 2  Design and implement

Tailor platform choices to the performance, availability, cost, agility and security requirements of each app and workload.

STEP 3  Manage and test

Determine recovery processes and responsibilities, then test regularly to affirm readiness and spot improvement potential.


Forrester WaveTM named Sungard AS a leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service, Q2 2017

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