Managed Cloud – AWS, UK Sovereign

A managed AWS cloud for the UK public sector

Whether it’s providing always on services to citizens, digitising the operations that drive service delivery, or meeting cloud first goals, public sector organisations in the UK are under pressure to respond.  

Many are looking to the capabilities of AWS to launch services faster and more cost-effectively. But stringent data protection and compliance demands, plus a lack of in-house skills, add to the complexity of transitioning to and fully adopting the cloud.  

Agility and protection, all in one

Managed Cloud – AWS, UK Sovereign services provided by Sungard AS combines the agility of AWS with the security and control public sector organisations need, without requiring you to own or manage the infrastructure yourself. This solution helps you:

Host applications and data in a sovereign service environment. Run your applications in an AWS approved and Public Service Network (PSN)-connected UK-based region. Security-cleared, UK-based personnel provide support.

Meet security and compliance demands. You can be confident that your most sensitive data is protected, up to and including Official and Official Sensitive workloads.

Simplify cloud migration. Sungard AS provides the IT and digital transformation expertise to accelerate your cloud migration.

Rely on a resilient infrastructure. Host your applications on a scalable, enterprise-class, managed AWS platform built for always on service delivery.

Support cloud first initiatives. As a PSN services provider, Sungard AS can fully support your cloud ambitions with government-approved services.

Manage hybrid IT. We can help you identify which new and legacy applications can run best in a managed AWS environment.

Leverage a proven approach. Our solid track record with the 120+ public sector organisations we serve means we are trusted by the most tightly regulated and sensitive industries worldwide.    

Benefit from always on support. Sungard AS offers certified implementation and operational support, 24 hours a day, every day, to help ensure your success.

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