Protect your data, recover your environment

For too long, disaster recovery has been a once or twice a year exercise, conducted by a siloed team performing a time-bound project. Little wonder that 7 out of 10 organizations fail to meet their RTO/RPO objectives when left to their own devices. However, DR shouldn't be managed as a standalone work effort, but woven into the ongoing fabric of production IT availability - especially considering the highly changeable, infinitely complex hybrid IT environments of today.

Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) can assume responsibility for your recovery under our Managed Recovery Program (MRP). Our experts will develop your recovery plans and procedures, maintain them to ensure synchronization with changes in your production environment, and completely manage the testing of IT application recovery plans.

Complete recovery readiness. Our Managed Recovery Program includes a dedicated Technical Service Delivery Manager, assigned to your organization, recovery procedure development and documentation, recovery procedure execution, recovery management at time of test and time of disaster, post-testing reporting and review, and monthly and quarterly program status reporting.

Application-focused recovery. Applications aren't simply restored – we restore them and set them up to perform as expected. And, we can recover applications to any point in time to ensure availability. End-users are reconnected seamlessly as part of the process.

Control your costs. To balance cost with delivering contractually-guaranteed recovery time and recovery point objectives, we apply a tiered approach to application availability. We'll work with you to rank your applications and data according to business criticality, and design services that provide customized uptime by application, avoiding an expensive one-size-fits-all approach.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for Managed Recovery?

Some providers narrowly focus on data backup, replication and virtual machine recovery. Sungard AS combines decades of disaster recovery experience with a broad portfolio of recovery offerings, cloud and managed services, and consulting capabilities to deliver our promise of providing fully-recoverable production services, especially suited to the hybrid requirements of the modern enterprise.

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Choose the right Recovery Management services

Managed Recovery from Sungard AS provides the people, processes and tools you need to recover effectively, with a solution that is right-sized to your business.We'll work seamlessly with your own staff to co-ordinate the proactive maintenance and management of your recovery solution.

Managed Recovery Program (MRP)

We'll plan, implement and manage your full recovery cycle, including recovery infrastructure, data movement, restoration of application environments and rapid reconnection of business users to the recovered applications.

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Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM)

Our experts deploy agentless probes to scan your IT environment and populate the discovered information in our central configuration management database (CMDB). We'll then analyze the data, and map applications to infrastructure dependencies and business processes to applications. The resulting snapshot of your IT environment enables us to right-size your recovery solutions and keep pace with lifecycle changes.

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Platform Recovery Plus (PR+)

We provide a service to prepare your recovery environment, saving the time and expense of building operating systems on servers, installing backup agents, initializing the network and building the backup master and media servers. Customers are able to ensure their resources stay focused on production IT and reduce the cost of personnel travel to the recovery site location.

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Recovery Execution System (RES)

The RES orchestration framework, part of MRP, reduces recovery time by up to 70% thanks to automated provisioning, building, configuring and restoring of hosts. RES dynamically reads the recovery configuration from the CMDB and automatically generates a methodical, step-by-step recovery workflow which is then executed by IT process orchestration technology, ensuring repeatable results and improved recoverability.