Achieve consistent and reliable IT resiliency

When it comes to an IT disaster – whether natural or man-made – the big question is: can you recover? Many organizations believe that with a fixed budget and a well-staffed IT department, they're better off implementing and managing an IT recovery program in-house. Unfortunately, companies often underestimate the cost and resource burden associated with running a full-blown IT recovery program.

The bottom line is that in-house IT recovery programs can get expensive rapidly. Plus, unless you are willing to have your IT staff's main focus be updating your recovery program, handling change management, and engaging in regular testing, something will inevitably fall through the cracks. You just might not realize it until after a disaster has actually occurred.

Sungard Availability Services Managed Recovery Program (MRP) removes the burden and complexity of running an IT recovery program in-house. In its place, you can take advantage of a complete set of people, processes, tools, and environments to ensure comprehensive, compliant and effective testing and recovery of your data  (including workplace recovery).

Enhance your disaster recovery planning

With an approach that includes protecting your data, recovering your environment, and managing your recovery, the benefits of MRP are clear:

  • Predictable cost savings through a managed services model
  • Identification of risks, dependencies, and recovery priorities
  • Alignment of appropriate recovery strategies to capture and store data efficiently
  • Recovery automation processes to keep the recovery environment up to date and accelerate the recovery process at time of disaster
  • Regular testing to verify the effectiveness of your IT recovery program
  • Increased productivity by minimizing the disaster recovery workload for your staff
  • Predictable outcomes and an assurance that your data and applications can be recovered within the defined timeframe

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS?

Sungard AS is a leader in disaster recovery, with 40 years' experience in providing availability services across multiple platforms. Our proven ability to manage mission-critical production and recovery environments is complemented by our expertise in designing and delivering continuity and recovery solutions that meet individual business objectives.