Get more from your application investments

Application management isn't something you can check off a list. It's a daily grind of continual maintenance work that drains the time and patience of your internal IT staff.

When your IT staff are engaged in the on-going tasks involved with keeping your applications running and accessible to employees and customers, you may find - as have many other organizations - that there aren't enough resources available to take full advantage of your applications' capabilities. You may worry about losing the return on your application investments, and therefore seek new ways to enhance your control.

And all the time, your application environment is growing in size and complexity, which only adds to the burdens being shouldered by your IT staff. With mixed application platforms becoming the norm, the job of administering countless modules, databases and interdependencies is an ever-growing challenge in the face of ever-shrinking budgets.

The answer is to offload application management to Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), so you can:

Optimize applications. Well-managed and maintained applications across the lifecycle—from applying patches and fixes to updating software versions— maximizes their performance, availability and resiliency.

Leverage application expertise. Our experience managing leading enterprise software means we know how to tap into the full functionality of the applications you paid for, but have yet to implement, increasing your return on investment.

Liberate your staff. Free them from the complexity of managing multiple applications across hybrid IT environments. We provide 24/7 monitoring and management, so they can focus on bringing new capabilities to the business.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS?

Sungard AS has been managing and recovering mission-critical environments for leading organization for 40 years. Combine that track record with over a decade of experience in managing the world's leading enterprise applications, and you'll see why our customers come to us when they need to get more value from their applications and infrastructures.

Related Services

Empower your applications

Sungard AS offers a suite of platform-agnostic Application Management Services designed to deliver the optimum business results across a mix of environments.

Oracle E-Business Suite. We bring a decade of Oracle expertise to provide ongoing application management for the Oracle E-Business Suite and environment, including Oracle databases.

SAP Basis. Sungard AS Managed SAP Services provide a secure, reliable and fully-managed virtualized platform for your SAP applications. Our specialists will perform application monitoring and administration, daily health checks, event capture, troubleshooting, performance management and software patches and updates.

Database. To ensure availability and responsiveness, our specialists provide proactive administration, reporting and 24/7 support for your Oracle, SAP and Microsoft SQL databases. Installation, provisioning and back-up management are all part of the service.

Monitoring, Management, and More

With over 16 years' experience managing SAP environments and over a decade of Oracle expertise, Sungard AS is perfectly positioned to supply you with:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management, alleviating the need to use scarce technical resources to manage day-to-day administrative tasks
  • Faster implementation with standardized service offering, including physical server installation, provisioning and managing tape backup, and issue resolution
  • Reduced maintenance and operational support for business critical applications by leveraging Sungard AS database expertise
  • Near-instant Oracle database restoration, including options for second site recovery and availability via database replication and recovery services
  • Change management systems and automation platform ensure a complete audit trail for regulatory compliance
  • Lower support costs by leveraging Sungard AS's investments in process, automation and monitoring
  • Production application administration including application monitoring and administration, daily health checks, event capture, and troubleshooting, performance management, software patches, and updates