Could Managed IT Services Enhance Your Information Security Program?

October 26, 2017

By Sungard AS

Do you want to give your IT systems a boost? Consider managed IT security services! Here's the "down-and-dirty" about how managed IT services can deliver incredible value for your business and enhance your information security program:

#1. Get expert help to meet sophisticated threats

Security requirements are changing every day as cyber threats get more and more sophisticated. The devices that you need to protect are multiplying. You have to keep your finger on the pulse of antivirus software, firewalls, intrusion detection, fire integrity monitoring, security incident management … the list goes on and on. Your own internal expertise – from you and your staff – may not be enough.

With managed IT security services, you get a team of security-certified experts who complement your internal staff. Experts who deal with cyber attacks every minute of the day. Who manage a huge range of IT systems and security appliances, hardware, and software. This is all they do. So they do it really well.

#2. Harden your systems to resist a hack attack

One of the first things a managed IT security service will do for you is harden your systems. This includes patching them, locking down who has access to them, and ensuring that the configurations are only allowing what actually needs to be done for the business to operate.

#3. Find out how you stack up to the competition

Historically, organizations have kept security internal. That means they only have their own corporate experience to draw on. When you bring in a managed IT security services group, however, you suddenly benefit from the experience of hundreds or even thousands of companies.

A managed IT security services provider can give you vital benchmarks, showing you how you compare to others in your industry when it comes to your information security program, best practices, regulations and standards, etc.

You can even use these benchmarks to know where to invest your security dollars for the greatest return.

#4. Have someone keep on the lookout for you

Another way managed IT security services benefit you is that you have someone looking out for your company's security 24/7 … a task that is usually hard to accomplish internally. They're weighing every potential threat, constantly standing guard so that you can get on with the business of doing business.

#5. Avoid being overwhelmed by regulations

The list of regulations and requirements for security reads like alphabet soup – HIPAA, ISO, PCI, etc. You need to know what applies to your company, why it applies, when it applies, and how it applies. Sometimes you need process-based controls; other times you need technical-based controls. It's enough to make you throw up your hands in despair. But a managed IT security service wades right into the mess and makes order out of chaos.

Security doesn't have to be an overwhelming burden on your IT staff. With a managed IT security services provider, you can punch up your IT systems and check off "Deliver enterprise security" on your to-do list!

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This article was originally posted on Forbes BrandVoice.

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