Healthy clouds mean healthy business

November 19, 2018

It’s the time of year when millions of Americans sign up for health insurance, and insurance providers encourage their clients to go in for a checkup or get annual screenings to see where they stand health-wise. The steps to a healthy lifestyle are fairly obvious: eat the right foods, exercise, lose weight (if you’re overweight), reduce stress, protect your skin, and so on. But if you want to lead a more resilient lifestyle – one in which you have greater influence over your circumstances, and the ability to face challenges with courage – the steps are a little different: stay flexible, learn life lessons, stay connected, take action, release tension.

The same philosophy can be applied to enterprises looking to private clouds or hyperscale clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to transform their business. You have to know where you stand in order to implement a program designed to leverage all the resiliency tools in your IT toolkit:

  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Backup and Recovery architecture
  • Security posture
  • Governance and Change Management

Having the expertise and resources to execute effectively is where many organizations find they need help. Just as humans are more likely to get sick or injured when their environment is compromised (such as catching the flu or fracturing a wrist from a fall), your applications can fail – not just the infrastructure where they reside.

This is where a company Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) can help. With a 40+ year heritage in recovery, Sungard AS brings its expertise to AWS and help customers navigate transformation by aligning application priorities and budget with the right resiliency approach and service level agreement-backed solutions on AWS.

Sungard AS has created a resiliency health check to help companies evaluate where they stand resiliency-wise, and help them make wise choices to build a more resilient infrastructure.

Not only that, Sungard AS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, offering managed cloud and cloud-based recovery solutions, as well as an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner. In other words, Sungard AS has proven that it can differentiate itself by focusing on the delivery of resilient, recoverable IT solutions on AWS.

Just in time for the annual AWS re:Inventconference in Las Vegas (Nov. 26-30), in support of our growing partnership with AWS, Sungard AS has created a resiliency health check to help companies evaluate where they stand resiliency-wise, and help them make wise choices to build a more resilient infrastructure. This resiliency health check is free of charge and can shed light on vulnerabilities and areas for growth. Questions include things like:

1.) Is your resiliency / recovery program supported by policies, governance, metrics, and management tools?

2.) Have you tiered your applications to understand the level of down time you can afford with respect to each application?

3.) Do you have access to the personnel resources needed to be successful in defining and executing against resiliency requirements?

4.) Do you have a plan for how you will address security in AWS?

5.) Do you conduct regular disaster recovery testing to ensure your applications are resilient and that your broader organization is capable of recovering?

Your answers may surprise you, or you may already have a pretty good idea of your vulnerabilities. Regardless, Sungard AS will help you understand your position and guide you toward a plan for recovery strategies that will work for you. Take the quiz now, then visit us at AWS re:Invent in Booth #2614 to learn how Sungard AS can help you on your journey to AWS.

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