News: Recovery Execution System Granted Patent

January 8, 2018

Confirming its uniqueness, our Recovery Execution System (RES) was awarded a patent on 5 December 2017. RES is the first automation and orchestration platform for hybrid IT environments. By eliminating time-consuming manual processes, RES drives down recovery times by up to 90% for certain platforms and helps us achieve test success rates that are 2.5 times higher than the industry average.

It achieves this by generating an end-to-end execution workflow for the customer's recovery that spans physical, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructure and encompasses the many technologies that typically feature in the IT environments of mid to large organizations.

RES is tried and tested, having been incorporated into all Managed Recovery Program (MRP) tests for more than two years, achieving 85% automation across all the complex hybrid infrastructure platforms we come across in Sungard AS.

MRP is a systematic approach to recovery that holistically encompasses the people, process and governance elements involved and leverages technology to achieve targeted recovery outcomes. Its comprehensive scope includes discovery of the customer production environment and application dependencies, design of the recovery strategy and plans, at time of test or disaster execution of recovery; and ongoing lifecycle management to keep production and recovery environments perfectly aligned.


  • Cuts recovery time by up to 90% and provides a transparent view of what's going on through a user-friendly interface.
  • Eliminates the risk of human error. Instead of laboriously drawing up recovery procedures manually, RES automatically generates a methodical, step-by-step recovery workflow which is then executed by IT process orchestration technology.
  • Frees skilled resources to focus on complex recovery issues. If the recovery process stalls for any reason or the system encounters data corruption, an IT trouble ticket is instantly produced for immediate attention by our skilled service engineers to resolve before resuming the automated execution.
  • Enables better end user validation testing. As tests and recoveries are performed in a fraction of the time with RES, there is more time available during a recovery exercise for end user validation and acceptance testing by the customer.

RES was the brainchild of Kausik Ray, SVP global client service management, who comments, "The majority of recoveries fail because the recovery environment has not kept up with changes in the production environment. My vision for RES was an automated system that would ensure repeatable results and improved recoverability. Thanks to the tireless efforts of many people within Sungard AS, this has been achieved. We are now working on expanding the usage of RES in other areas, such as workload migration & DevOps, where it could benefit customers."

When announcing RES in the Winter 2015 edition of AVAIL, we described it as "a game-changer". The newly-awarded patent shows this claim is not mere hyperbole.

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