Prepare, Detect, Mitigate

October 10, 2017

A New Whitepaper Helps You Face up to the Ransomware Threat

An unwitting employee clicks on an email attachment and unleashes malware that propagates across your company's network. Within moments, the malware encrypts critical databases and files, locks out users, and severely impacts company operations. The IT department scrambles to limit the damage, but it's too late. Messages from the cybercriminal arrive – confirming that your company has just joined the unlucky ranks of ransomware victims.

Do you pay the ransom (and hope the cybercriminal will follow through on their promise to provide the decryption key), or attempt to restore your systems from backups? It's a situation – and a decision – you don't ever want to face. But the ransomware threat is growing and the criminals are smart and highly motivated. Companies that fail to plan ahead for ransomware attacks do so at their peril.

Now is the best time to plan defenses that can help you avoid the ransomware threat altogether, as well as deploy measures that can limit the damage of any malware that makes it through your defenses.

This new whitepaper from Sungard AS provides a framework to help IT and security leaders approach the ransomware threat in a structured, methodical way. The paper highlights some of the key steps that Sungard AS uses to protect its own managed services clients from ransomware threats.

If you've already taken action to address ransomware threats, download the paper to make sure you've covered all the bases. If you're starting from scratch, you'll find that the three sections – Prepare, Detect, Mitigate – help to prioritize your efforts and fit this important effort into your overall approach to IT security and business continuity.

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