Private Cloud Definition & Uses

August 9, 2017

By Sungard AS

The private cloud is a data hosting solution dedicated to a single customer and is the best solution for businesses concerned about performance, security and control.

The flexibility offered by a fully-dedicated private cloud provides businesses with the resources they need for the best possible outcomes for their applications. This means that it is possible to scale your private cloud in accordance with the needs of your applications to ensure that security, availability, and control are not compromised.

Because the compute, network and storage services are private, users benefit from a high level of performance and can customize the infrastructure to suit their needs. The fully-dedicated nature of a private cloud delivers greater control and enhanced security features making it a first choice for companies working with sensitive, mission-critical data or demanding compute or security needs.

Access and control are managed solely by the customer. The fully-managed nature of the platform means the Service Provider is responsible for maintenance and upgrades to the service. This frees up in-house IT resource to work on other issues or areas of the business which need attention, such as:

The top benefits of private clouds:

  • Enhanced security
  • Flexible & customizable
  • High performance

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