Tammac Holdings remains strong despite freak tornado strike

August 15, 2018

Talk about your one-in-a-million situations. On June 13th, an EF-2 tornado struck the township of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. in the dark of night. For a city of approximately 40,000, this was an unusually powerful tornado, given how briefly it stayed on the ground. Once it struck, the tornado took a death-defying trip through the Wilkes-Barre Township business district, then ravaged the local mall before heading down a major thoroughfare, Interstate 81.

In the northeast, nighttime tornadoes are practically unheard of. In fact, since 1950, only 2.2 percent of the more than 850 tornadoes recorded in the Keystone State have occurred between 10 p.m. and midnight. Nighttime tornadoes are especially dangerous because you can’t see them coming, and they strike at a time when people are less focused on the weather.

Tammac Holdings Corporation, a local financial services company that specializes in programs for the manufactured housing industry, sat directly in the path of this unusual twister. What’s more, it prides itself on its responsiveness to customer needs, so being in an exposed location was particularly dangerous.

When the tornado touched down at 10:22 p.m., Tammac experienced a direct hit that left its facilities uninhabitable. Access to records via the company’s information technology infrastructure was limited, leaving thousands of customers vulnerable.

Fortunately, Tammac had contracted with Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) for Recovery Crisis Management, Event Management and data center operations backup at its Carlstadt, NJ Data Center. With 40 years in the recovery business and more than 2,500 successful recoveries, Sungard AS knows how stressful dealing with disaster-induced business disruptions can be.

As soon as the call came through on its disaster hotline, the Sungard AS service desk captured several pieces of critical information and set Tammac’s recovery process in motion. Tammac contracts for Sungard AS’ traditional infrastructure recovery services for AS/400 and network computing, along with the Sungard AS Recover2Cloud-V data replication solution.

The Sungard AS Recovery Crisis Management and Event Management teams immediately guided Tammac through the process of declaring and initiating their recovery. In less than 14 hours, Sungard AS was successful in bringing up all the customer’s business applications—10 hours faster than the contracted 24-hour service level agreement.

Tammac continued to run their business out of the Sungard AS Carlstadt Data Center Operations facility through June 25, when Sungard AS facilitated a failback and normalization of the customer’s production environment. Tammac ran their normalized production environment in parallel with the recovered system in Sungard AS’ Carlstadt hot-site for an additional twenty-four hours.

On June 27, Tammac Holdings ended their declaration and business was back to normal. “It was nice to know that I had Sungard AS to rely on in a time of crisis,” said Audra L. Davis, for AS400 Admin. Tammac Holdings Corporation. “With the help of Sungard AS, I was able to bring Tammac back to full functionality within hours.”

Photo by Cameron Mourot on Unsplash

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