We are delighted to share the news that Forrester, a leading market research firm, has included Sungard Availability Services in its ten most significant Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providers in its most recent Forrester WaveTM report.

Forrester identifies the ten most significant DRaaS providers based on 26 different criteria in three categories. The detailed report shows how each provider measures up against each of these measures and also where they stand in relation to one another. Thorough analysis showed that Sungard AS, along with three other providers from a shortlist of ten, “lead the pack”. We received the highest score for ‘Strategy’ and ‘Current offering’:

  • Current offering: Core DRaaS offerings, recovery objective capabilities, technology support, security, self-service and management interface, and consulting services
  • Strategy: Service strategy and corporate strategy
  • Market presence: Installed base, revenue, revenue growth, geographic scope, customer feedback, and technology partners

The report notes our “wide range of physical and virtual infrastructure and storage area network (SAN)-based replication”, as well as our “business continuity consulting team to help customers identify business processes and technology elements at risk and develop a risk mitigation strategy.” The report also cites our “continuity strategy and planning, risk assessment and business impact analysis (BIA) services.” It also commended our future strategy, which includes “enhanced automation and orchestration of application-level recovery.”

“In my view, this Forrester WaveTM report shows that we stand out for our large breadth of services not just in recovery, but also in consulting and additional services, such as Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) and AssuranceCM, our suite of continuity management tools,” said Joseph George, vice president, product management at Sungard AS. “I believe that we also illustrated that we can recover to the application layer to complement the infrastructure OS and virtualisation-level cloud-based recovery capabilities, another differentiator.”

Forrester’s research is frequently used by infrastructure and operations professionals to help them select the right partner for their resiliency and recovery needs and is a further independent endorsement of our DRaaS strategy.

Download the full report here

Forrester WaveTM: Disaster-Recovery-As-a-Service, Q2 2017
Source: Forrester (April 2017)

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