Who is feeling the most impact of IT budget changes?

What trends are influencing spend the most?

When are the increases or decreases expected?

Where is the bulk of the budget being spent?

How will investment changes impact staffing?

These represent the types of questions answered by 1,350 IT decision makers from around the world in a study conducted by Vanson Bourne, an independent technology market research firm. Sungard Availability Services commissioned this spending research as part of a much larger study of IT trends and practices. You can see the findings in our recently released publication called The Little Book of IT.

Although you can download the book free of charge, you can also see some highlights of our chapter on IT Budget and Investment in an infographic that includes:

  • Which countries are growing or shrinking IT spend
  • The percentage of increases and decreases expected
  • Key technology areas being effected
  • The role IT investments play in improving the customer experience

Download the infographic here.

We’ll also be providing infographic snapshots of the other five chapters of The Little Book of IT, so watch for them.

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