we invited IT decision-makers to take the opportunity to share their views in a pivotal study showing how IT is evolving and comparing pain points and business visions across industries, regions and job levels. The resulting Little Book of IT, based on interviews with 1,350 IT decision-makers across the UK, US, Canada, India, Ireland, France and Sweden, gives an inside look at the challenges faced by IT leaders and shows where the IT industry is today.

It is clear we are at a tipping point and this is the time to learn the lessons of the past to avoid having to play ‘catch up’ again in a few years’ time. This means ensuring your IT environment remains fluid and agile, able to shift with the changing times and your changing business needs.

Because in this age of IT disruption where digital technologies are transforming how, when and where business gets done, the speed at which we can embrace those technologies determines our ability to compete. What came across loud and clear from the research is that in this new digital-focused corporate world, IT is indisputably the single most important part of the organisation, driving revenue, efficiencies and innovation. Consequently, the role of the IT decision-maker has never been more crucial.

However, too often your technology is just not up to the job you need it to do in order to achieve company objectives. Some refer to Digital Transformation as being a journey. But many of these journeys are being slowed by a failure to modernise quickly enough, having limited resources with the right skill sets, while being mindful of the ever-present resilience and security concerns.

The data has shown that managing both traditional and newer, more agile environments at the same time poses a huge resourcing issue, especially for legacy IT environments.

You told us that the frustrating experiences of dealing with inherited, inflexible, non-interoperable IT estates is frequently the cause of your biggest headaches. Whether you are new to dealing with these challenges or a veteran who has faced years of budget constraints and decaying legacy systems, you can be sure the need for fundamental change is something that is affecting your peers too.

And these are not the only difficulties. How do you reconcile the funding conflict between investing in innovative technologies that could really make a difference and simply ‘keeping the lights’ on? How are your competitors and peers tackling the thorny issue of Shadow IT?

Discover how you compare to your peers!

The Little Book of IT is just the start of a unique ongoing study into the state of the IT industry by the people who know it best – the IT decision-makers who are at the sharp end of strategy dilemmas, funding conflicts and resourcing challenges. We aim to build on this research each year and would like you to be part of it from the very beginning.

How does your organisation compare to the majority in terms of pain points, approaches and plans? How do others resolve the budget conflict between capitalising on exciting new technologies and patching up decaying legacy infrastructure? Are you ahead of, or behind your peers when it comes to digitalisation - or taking a different path altogether?

You can find out instantly by answering just six high level questions to receive your personalised Benchmarking Report showing how you compare to your peers in the following key areas:

  1. IT budget and investment
  2. Staffing resource and development investment
  3. Control and influence of the IT department
  4. Technology adoption
  5. Application development
  6. Challenges and opportunities


We believe you won’t find this valuable information anywhere else – and it’s yours for the taking. Click here to see how you compare.

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