Once a year, Santa and his merry band of reindeer take an exhausting trek around the world, distributing gifts, goodies and hoping to make everyone’s holiday wishes come true.


Now, imagine what would happen if in his rush to get the “Toy of the Year” to all those excited boys and girls, Santa disregarded his trusted IT elves’ warning about potential spikes in traffic? Let’s just say there would be a riot of Black Friday-level proportions.

Unfortunately, Santa isn’t the only one who tends to make this costly mistake.

Oftentimes, companies are so focused on ensuring the holiday season is a sales success, they fail to properly allocate resources to account for periods of IT workload fluctuation.

Given that high volumes of traffic go hand-in-hand with the holidays, post-Christmas IT outages can be all too common. As a result, any failure to prioritize load distribution and scalability is just bad for business.

Technical difficulties. Failure to register. Systems outage. These are the last things companies want to hear about – especially during their busiest time of year.

Santa may obsess over his list, hoping to discover who’s been naughty or nice. But, let’s be clear, those are far from the only things he should be checking twice.

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