In an ideal world, most IT managers would undoubtedly like to start with a blank slate when designing their IT infrastructure. But this is not an ideal world and few have that luxury.

Instead, you bear with the complexities of ageing architectures, siloed hard-to-integrate systems, legacy applications, multiple providers, and uncertainties about security and where to run applications and workloads for the best cost control and business outcomes.

While hybrid IT makes the path to change more complicated, the journey is nonetheless critical: In a world where change is a constant, business agility is not a ‘nice to have’ but an essential. You need to be able to respond to market shifts and emerging opportunities in front of you, not in the rear view mirror.

In a global and digital economy, your infrastructure must adapt to business that never stops. And, since customer loyalty can change with the click of a button, you need the flexibility to swiftly launch products and services to differentiate your business. This takes incredibly responsive, instantly available and infinitely scalable IT resources to make it all happen.

This is your new normal - a highly complex IT ecosystem that makes traditional IT infrastructure look like a dusty museum relic, transforming how you need to provide, manage, grow and pay for IT services. But making that transition when your IT team is already too busy making the everyday of business happen — whether that means filling orders, flying planes or comforting patients — just adds to the pressure.

Whether you’re challenged with controlling costs, balancing a mix of applications and legacy environments, managing performance or scaling and expanding into new markets, Sungard AS can help you nimbly navigate the twists and turns of IT transformation to meet the business’ expectations.

Download our ‘Hybrid is the new normal’ brochure to find out about the five-step plan we follow to bring about change.