In line with our overall business strategy, Sungard Availability Services is investing in markets where we can deliver our range of broad, integrated solutions. That’s why in the past few years we have opened or expanded more than ten data centres serving the UK, Stockholm, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Denver and other key markets. As a result, we are delighted to announce that additional high quality data centre space is now available in both the UK and US.

Technology Centre 3 Expansion (Woking, UK)

The new area can accommodate around 180 cabinets with an average of 4KW per rack, although the environment can support up to 8KW. In common with all Sungard Availability Services facilities, the new area has the minimum N+1 standard for power and cooling and high security perimeter fencing. There is a 24/7/365 onsite security presence and, importantly, the CCTV system is compliant with the Police Scientific Development Branch’s (PSDB) Home Office standard, which means it has been built to a government-approved specification for crime reporting.

The additional space can support the full range of Sungard AS services including Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Colocation and Managed Services, and is now open and fully operational.

Download the data sheet here

New Data Centre in Silicon Valley

Opened on June 30th, our newest data centre in Santa Clara, CA combines the innovation you expect from Silicon Valley with the versatility of a cloud-centric infrastructure. The facility features, location characteristics, and environmental controls come together with expansive connectivity options to provide an ideal environment for your most critical workloads.

The data centre is strategically located near major fiber routes and multiple power grids, so you can connect quickly to the infrastructures you rely on, delivering the flexibility needed for today’s mixed environments. Production systems hosted at this facility can be readily integrated with our award-winning cloud recovery service, and fail-over to our Scottsdale facility can provide hiccup-free performance.

This Silicon Valley data centre can be an ideal foundation for hosted private cloud, where dedicated compute, storage and networking resources in an isolated environment can protect sensitive data and help meet regulatory compliance requirements. Dedicated resources combine with high-speed networking to accelerate performance. The flexibility to choose from partial to fully dedicated environments means you can select the degree of infrastructure isolation that aligns with your needs.

Flexibility. From partial to fully dedicated, our private cloud environment allows a customizable set of compute, storage and networking elements—so you have the freedom to choose the degree of infrastructure isolation that makes sense for your needs. A wide range of flexible managed services are also available to match your IT resource capabilities, allowing you to spend more time using the cloud than maintaining the cloud, and enabling you to focus on delivering innovation back to the business.

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