We are delighted to announce that we have now replaced every single PC at all 17 of our UK recovery sites to further enhance resilience and availability. The multi million pound investment saw some 8,500 Dell OptiPlex 7040 computers rolled out and means there is a PC on each shared workplace desk for the first time.

Our careful planning meant that no customer tests or invocations were impacted by the refresh programme whilst it was underway.

Benefits you should see from the new machines include:

  • Faster performance with quad core processor (instead of dual core as previously)
  • Solid state drive for faster transfer rate and improved reliability
  • Doubling of memory capacity
  • Standardised technology for ease of use and testing
  • Seamless rollback to alternative recovery sites - “all that changes is the view from the window”
  • Continued competitively priced services
  • A nice warm glow from the 20% power saving and associated environmental benefits.

On top of this, A PC on every desk means all Shared Workplace Subscribers will benefit from access time of less than three hours, a significant improvement on the previous QuickShip PC  8 to 24-hour window.

Purchasing a PC

There is still an opportunity to purchase a PC should you wish to build and support your recovery images at your home environment. A maximum of two PCs can be ordered at the standard price of £685.00 + VAT per unit.

As a result of the recent Sterling/ Dollar exchange rate, Dell have increased their pricing to Sungard AS, however we will be absorbing this increase for customer purchased PCs for orders placed up to 30th September 2016.

PC delivery takes approximately 15 to 20 working days and orders can be placed by e-mailing your request to as.uk.pcrefresh@sungardas.com. Please include the delivery contact name and address as the units will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please ensure that the e-mail has your authorised Purchase Order attached.

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