Technology can be a bear to manage in any industry, but this is especially true in the manufacturing sector where digital transformation is disrupting traditional approaches to development, production and the entire logistics chain. Many manufacturing companies struggle with digital technology adoption because their legacy systems act like a bearish barrier to innovation.

Our new study shows how manufacturers think about and leverage digital technologies to transform business processes from the front office to the factory floor. We tallied the responses from both IT decision makers and employees and put them in an infographic, so you can see the findings.

Learn the answers to many questions, such as:


  • How do nearly half of IT decision makers in the manufacturing industry rate the criticality of digital transformation?
  • What emerges as the major concern blocking the progression of digital services in the manufacturing sector?
  • What are considered to be the top two success indicators for digital services?
  • Do respondents feel well equipped with the right technology and skillsets?
  • Are manufacturing employees fearful or hungry for the changes digital technology brings to their everyday jobs?

Contact us if your digital transition feels as sluggish as a bear headed into hibernation: we can help.

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