2017 was a highlight reel of worst-case scenarios. WannaCry forced some organisations to play tug o’ war with their own data, while hurricanes halted business operations across the South. It felt like one terrible catastrophe after another, and while many organisations had effective safeguards in place, some did not. For those businesses who were unprepared, the series of disasters was a harsh wake-up call.

So what’s the state of disaster recovery (DR) today? A recent survey of 375 U.S. business leaders shows exactly how organisations are approaching their DR plans post-2017.

These disasters definitely left their mark: 33 percent of respondents said they aren’t confident in their business’s ability to overcome a disaster, and 57 percent said they would reconsider their existing DR plans or consider implementing a new one as a result of 2017’s massive hurricanes.

If anything, this past year was a reminder of how critical an effective DR plan is to an organisation’s survival and resiliency. Organisations need to be both weatherproof and cyberproof to protect their reputation, customers and bottom lines.

We gleaned even more compelling statistics from the survey. How many organisations have experienced a cyberattack? How are they preparing? Watch the video below for these answers and more:

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