Uptime is everything for CRM system provider All n One Ltd, the company behind the successful customer lifecycle management tool bxp software. bxp is a customisable web-based tool that supports prospect and pipeline management and can be extended to customer management and business development management. Case notes are updated in real time and a comprehensive reporting capability enables tactical, managerial and strategic reports to be generated at the click of a button.

Business challenge

Fast-growing CRM system provider needed a technology partner it could trust to manage its IT infrastructure and give impartial consultancy advice. With numerous blue-chip names counting on its core product to manage key business operations, high availability was paramount.


  • Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS)

There’s no doubt it’s a partnership as our fortunes are inextricably linked.

IT and Projects Director, All n One Ltd





Occasionally an incident occurs that is on such a huge scale that its name becomes synonymous with disaster. In December 2005, a new name entered this category: Buncefield.

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IT infrastructure is critical to business. If it falters, the results can be devastating for revenues, reputation or even survival. Availability must be constant. And recovery must be immediate.

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With ambitions to expand worldwide, FujiFilm needed a scalable, flexible and secure technology platform provided by a company with global reach.

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