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Augentius, one of the largest independent private equity and real estate fund administrators in the world, found itself caught up in the 2017 London Bridge atrocity in which three terrorists killed seven people and injured 48. The combined vehicle ramming and stabbing attack took place directly outside Augentius' London office, resulting in its evacuation and closure.

Faced with denial of access to its premises, Augentius activated its disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Contingency measures included several Workplace Recovery seats at one of Sungard Availability Services'® (Sungard AS) workplace recovery centres in London. The company's preparedness ensured it could meet all client deliverables on the first business day after the attack.


  • Augentius continued business as usual following a serious terror attack, despite denial of access to its premises
  • Timely, reliable communication throughout meant customers were kept up-to-date with developments, while employees knew where they should work from and how to access vital systems
  • Augentius clients, many of which are regulated businesses, have the reassurance the firm's contingency measures will work when called upon


Resilient Culture Ensures Business as Usual for Augentius

Even before the terror attacks, David Bailey had never doubted the value of having business continuity provision. "It's a fact of business life – you never know what's coming down the track. The fact that our plans have been put to the test and proved effective is important."

Augentius' resilient corporate culture mitigated the potential disruption and ensured all client deliverables were achieved during the course of the day.





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