Cooperative Processing Resources (CPR) is the industry’s premier Debt Management System (DMS) provider, delivering IT and technical support to nearly half of the 63 credit counseling agencies – large and small – that comprise the cooperative that owns Dallas-based CPR.

Specifically, CPR provides centralized development and technical support for the advanced debt-management software on which these agencies run. In other words, CPR ensures that the software is running smoothly and securely for the agencies it serves. Its DMS Professional Suite product encompasses DMS Manager™, DMS Solutions™ and DMS Web™.

About Cooperative Processing Resources

  • Headquarters: Dallas
  • Credit-counseling industry’s premier Debt Management System provider and a Texas Cooperative association
  • Revenue: $1.7-2.2 million annually
  • Sungard AS Solutions: Cloud; Managed Services (Hybrid IT)





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