Given the nature of its business, Flood Re is all too aware of the threats businesses face daily. As well as the risk of fire, IT failure, denial of access and numerous other potential disruptions (not to mention flooding), with headquarters in the City of London, it is exposed to the additional risks of terror attacks and power failure caused by construction mishaps.

Unsurprisingly, Flood Re recognises the importance of business continuity planning and has put watertight arrangements in place to ensure it continues to provide an uninterrupted service to clients. It turned to Sungard Availability Services to ensure the recovery of its systems and data and provide a well-equipped alternative workspace for its employees in the event disaster strikes.

Our test and invocation experience has always been very good. I feel assured that we’re in safe hands and that’s what draws people to Sungard AS.

Ben Smith, Head of Data, IT and Security, Flood Re

Flood Re is a re-insurance scheme that makes flood cover more widely available and affordable for households at the highest risk of flooding. It also provides information on steps to reduce flood risk. Every insurer that offers home insurance in the UK must pay into the Flood Re Scheme. This levy raises £180m every year that Flood Re uses to cover the flood risks in home insurance policies.

Launching in 2016, Flood Re will run until 2039, by which time insurers should be offering policies based on the actual risk to property.