For more than 20 years, GAVS Technologies has provided SAP application and infrastructure management services to Gerber Technology, a Connecticut-based provider of automated CAD/CAM solutions for industries including aerospace, apparel, furniture, and packaging.

When Gerber migrated its SAP applications from mainframes to virtualised servers three years ago, GAVS enlisted Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to host and manage the primary and secondary IT infrastructure and provide data replication services. GAVS continues to oversee the full SAP environment for Gerber, including application development and operations management, relying on Sungard AS o ensure rapid recovery of Gerber’s business-critical applications and data in the event of a disaster.

GAVS always looks for ways to delight our endcustomers, so we asked Sungard AS for tools and proactive measures to help minimise incidents and better understand the status of every server at Gerber. They took us from a handful of critical incidents to zero in one month, the result of close collaboration and a deep understanding of the environment.

Consulting Manager, GAVS Technologies

About GAV Technologies

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global provider of IT consulting and systems integration services. The company has deep expertise in AI-based operations, predictive analytics, and robotics-led infrastructure management services, and applies its Zero Incident FrameworkTM approach to proactively detect incidents and resolve them with minimal human involvement.