The Healix Group of Companies provides innovative health, travel and security-related risk management solutions to clients worldwide. With numerous corporate, government, NGO and insurance clients relying on its services, Healix must ensure it is available 24/7/365. For this reason Healix has employed Sungard Availability Services to ensure the recovery of its systems and data and provide a well-equipped alternative workspace for its employees in the event disaster strikes.

About Healix

Founded in 1992, the independently owned Healix Group of Companies has offices in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Kenya, Singapore and Spain. Its dedicated medical team of fully qualified doctors and nurses makes for the highest ratio of clinically trained staff in the managed health services industry. Many of these individuals have extensive experience in international medicine, emergency evacuations and aviation medical care – working with airlines to look after crew members who become unwell overseas and acting as medical escorts on repatriation flights. Healix also provides medical claims management services for corporate healthcare schemes and for insurers.

The group also has a highly qualified team of global security specialists whose role is to identify escalating situations worldwide that could become crises and manage those risks effectively. This could involve providing ground support and protective services, evacuation planning and counter terrorism services to ensure the safety of its clients' employees and the security of their global resources.

Results of providing business continuity services to Healix

  • Ensures potentially life-saving operational continuity for Healix and its clients
  • Mitigates the risk of financial penalties for breach of Service Level Agreements
  • Provides reassurance that Healix can continue providing vital support to international travellers and globally mobile employees in need of their help, even if its operations are affected by a crisis
  • Supports the speedy resolution of health insurance claims
  • Safeguards against reputational damage caused by failure to deliver
  • Peace of mind that customer data is safe and secure

Service availability is key to us as we’re running medical and security systems. Quite literally, lives could be at stake.

Graham Christie, Chief Information Officer, Healix Group



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