Liontrust is an independent investment management company that was founded in 1994 and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1999. It provides portfolio management services, primarily in UK and European equities and markets its investment products to professional investors.

The firm’s ultimate goal is for its IT to become site-independent, available to users wherever they are, and saw Sungard Availability Services’ enterprise-class private cloud infrastructure as a logical solution. Liontrust’s continued growth meant its network attached storage arrays were nearing capacity, requiring capital investment of at least £50,000 and this proved the catalyst for the move to a cloud environment. “It would have been completely illogical to buy another physical server or storage device,” explains David Little, Head of IT and Investment Operations for Liontrust. “The cloud is the natural solution to capacity issues.”

Our relationship with Sungard meant we had a certain degree of loyalty and trust. The concept of enterprise-class cloud computing may be relatively new but the underlying infrastructure is Sungard’s bread and butter. We trust their expertise and resources.

Head of IT and Investment Operations, Liontrust