Founded in 1881, Martin Currie is a specialist investment management business with headquarters in Edinburgh and offices in London, New York, Melbourne, Singapore, Zurich and Hong Kong. It manages £5.5 billion (as at 31 December 2011) in active equity portfolios for a global client base of financial institutions, charities, foundations, endowments, pension funds, family offices, government agencies and investment funds. It is a private company, owned and managed by its full-time employees.

The firm describes itself as ‘The Big Boutique’ as it combines the solidity, professionalism and robustness of process of a large company with the distinctiveness, client focus and personal ownership of a small company. 

We cannot afford for our business to be offline for any extended period of time as we’d not only lose money in the short term but would damage our reputation with clients in the long term.

Business Continuity Manager, Martin-Currie





A volatile economy, continued spending cuts and stricter lending criteria have all reduced demand for loans and leasing. The market is saturated, so its players must work even harder to stay competitive.

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The company's preparedness ensured it could meet all client deliverables on the first business day after the attack.

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With so many customers relying on its services around the clock, business continuity provision is essential for the company.

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