Incorporated in 1980, Metro Shipping provides a full freight management service to a range of industries including retail, automotive, foodstuffs and petrochemical, transporting goods worldwide by air, road and sea. It is a strategic partner to many of the world’s most successful blue-chip companies, managing complex logistics on their behalf and reducing transport lead times.

Metro Shipping’s emphasis on developing advanced and innovative IT solutions is one of its greatest strengths and differentiators. Its proprietary online collaboration system and its intelligent use of SAP and other ERP systems are heavily relied upon by Metro Shipping’s many multinational customers. High availability is critical.





My Visibility Tool (MVT) has become the market-leading, standalone product it is today, supporting global collaboration throughout the supply chain and full purchase order and SKU management.

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With more than 6.5 million product listings on offer and customers needing their spare parts urgently, MicksGarage.com is heavily dependent on its IT infrastructure to manage the complex logistics operation.

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Drinks manufacturing is a 24/7 industry for 24/7 consumers. In pubs, bars and restaurants, customers expect service at the click of a finger. Run out of drink, and they will simply walk out the door.

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