London, United Kingdom, 22nd July 2015 – Sungard Availability Services ®  (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, today announces an expansion of its Workplace Recovery portfolio. Over the past year Sungard AS has heavily invested in new state of the art facilities and solutions, reinforcing its ongoing commitment to business continuity and workforce enablement.

The investments detailed below, demonstrate the increasing demand from organisations, not just for access to physical recovery space, but also virtual and cloud-based solutions that will enable them to keep their business moving, no matter the situation.

City of London Recovery Centre
One of these investments witnesses the opening of a new Workplace Recovery centre in central London, the first of its kind in a decade. The facility, which offers capacity for over 700 staff, is equipped with the latest conferencing equipment and IT infrastructure. Users have access to 10GB-ready networking infrastructure, able to cope with heavier data traffic and increasing workloads.

The new facility is perfectly positioned within walking distance of the City and works as part of a 'near-far1' business availability solution, with many customers also provisioning workspaces within Sungard AS' alternative facilities across the country. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Handbook demands that financial services companies, including insurers, must implement reasonable measures to maintain continuity of all core systems in the face of loss or failure of resources, loss of information, and even external events such as vandalism or 'acts of God2 – making this site's location of great strategic importance for our customers and the market.

Profile Park, Dublin
Sungard AS recently made a significant investment to expand its presence in Ireland, following a partnership with Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (Digital Realty), the leading global provider of data centre solutions. This partnership will provide the data centre and underlying infrastructure from which SungardAS can host its award-winning3 global cloud platform and a full range of production and recovery solutions, and addresses Ireland's growing demand for agile, flexible and resilient IT services. This expansion also enables Sungard AS to further invest in its dedicated Workplace Recovery capabilities, in order to cater for the increasing number of businesses choosing to base themselves in Ireland. The underlying infrastructure provided by Digital Realty's new technology hub in Dublin enables the building out of Sungard AS' pre-existing facility to create up to 300 additional dedicated end-user positions, where firms can relocate their critical personnel during a time of disaster.

This commitment to providing Workplace Recovery is not just limited to Europe, with Sungard AS also announcing the opening of its fourth Workplace Recovery site in India. The new 270 seat facility in Bangalore joins existing award-winning4 facilities in Noida (National Capital Region), Mumbai and Chennai. This takes the total number of seats in the region to over 2,000. This expansion has allowed for continued new business wins and growth for Sungard AS in the area.

"In today's All-Time world it is vital for customers to act with an 'always on mentality'. For us this makes it more important than ever to provide the very best Workplace Recovery facilities to our customers, using both physical and virtual solutions in the process." said Keith Tilley Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Customer Services Management at Sungard Availability Services. "The expansion of our portfolio is part of a wider push in ensuring our customers have access to the services they need to maintain business-as-usual in even the most difficult circumstances."

1Near and Far Workplace Recovery Strategy: Different recovery strategies that combine to mitigate short and long – term office disruptions.  'Near sites' are facilities close enough to mitigate localised office disruptions. 'Far sites' are farther away from the affected customer site to mitigate wide area or longer term.  Organisations may deploy both for optimum workforce availability, with London firms often choosing more than one 'Far site' as part of their solutions.

The new state-of-the-art facilities are also supported by Sungard AS' Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution – for which industry analysts Gartner awarded Sungard AS the highest overall scores in the completeness of vision and ability to execute categories in the Magic Quadrant for DRaaS1. Sungard AS' DRaaS solutions offer a holistic approach to business resilience that continues to reaffirm Sungard AS as a leader in the highly complex market for advanced recovery solutions.

Tilley continued: "With more than 30 years delivering solutions that apply to all facets of our customers' production and recovery environments, we understand that IT must deliver business results. As such, the resilience of customers' IT environments is crucial in ensuring those results can be consistently delivered, even at a time of test or disruption. Our physical and virtual offerings are designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, hybrid IT production and recovery environments and to scale up and down based on requirements driven by specific business results, addressing a full range of recovery time and recovery point objectives and pre-defined service level agreements."

1 Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service, John Morency and Christine Tenneson, 21 April 2015
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Handbook, Section 13.8.5 within 'Unexpected changes and business continuity management' 
3 Cisco Partner Awards Cloud Partner of the Year UKI 2015, 2014; NetApp Partner Awards Innovative Cloud Services 2015; NetApp Partner Awards Cloud Services Provider Highly Commended 2015; Datacloud Cloud End User Innovation -Finalist 2015
4 BCI India Awards 2015, 2014,  2013 – BC Provider of the Year, Service – Workplace Recovery

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Representing techUK (formerly Intellect), the trade association, Sungard AS helped define ISO 27036 – the IT standard relating to information security in supplier relationships (including cloud services) as a member of SC27.  Previously in a similar arrangement, Sungard AS helped develop both business continuity management standard BS 25999, now ISO 22301 and IT continuity management standard ISO 27031.  Within the UK, Sungard AS became the first business continuity provider to secure certification against the BS 25999 Standard, which it retained in 2010. Sungard AS is also certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, and compliant with IGSoC, PCI DSS and ISAE3402.

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