Today the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) published the third edition of its Cyber Resilience Report, sponsored by Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS). The report, which aims to help business formulate their cyber resilience strategy and raise awareness of cyber security across an organisation, is a key resource for the business continuity and resilience industry.

Since the publication of the first report three years ago, cyber threats and the havoc they can cause has been highly publicised, particularly following significant attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya. This year's report focused on cyber security incidents in both the short and the long term, to establish what the most common source of disruptions are and how prepared organisations are to face them – with some interesting findings:

  • Two-thirds of the survey respondents say that they have suffered at least one cyber disruption in the past twelve months
  • However, a positive 57% report high top management commitment and 85% have business continuity arrangements in place
  • 88% also said they only take one day or less to find out about a breach

The findings reflect the growing awareness of the cyber threat with our customers, as we're increasingly brought into the boardroom to coach the executive team in crisis leadership and to prepare the whole entire organisation to be able to respond to cyber-attacks.

"Cyber attacks are a 'risk with an adversary' and consequently, businesses need to be increasingly agile and strategic in how they respond. With cyber attacks on the rise, that is easier said than done. The Cyber Resilience Report 2018 from the Business Continuity Institute provides much needed guidance and insight for businesses as they hope to tackle this very real threat. Anyone tasked with ensuring their business' resilience will find this report extremely useful." Kathy Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer, Sungard Availability Services. To read the full report, visit the Business Continuity Institute.