Multiple factors threaten data protection today. Your company and customer data can be compromised, stolen and held for ransom. It can also be lost due to non-criminal intent, such as a weather-related disaster or an IT disruption. Tightening data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, adds to the stress as companies worry about the potential for steep penalties and bad press.

Data backups are key to recovering quickly and successfully. Yet, rapid data growth and the mix of virtual and physical systems you may have onsite increase cost, complexity and risk—making it hard to implement a backup strategy across environments. Off-site, tape-based backups also delay recovery.

Managed Backup – AWS from Sungard AS improves data protection, compliance and cost control by backing up data from your on-premises systems locally and in the AWS cloud. As a result, you can unify data protection while simplifying and speeding data restoration and recovery to increase the overall resiliency of your business operations.

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