Business resilience is the ability to anticipate risk, mitigate the impact and move forward with confidence as you transform your IT environment. Ultimately, it's about adapting well in the face of unprecedented change and unforeseen adversity, ensuring critical applications and data are always available.

It means thinking beyond backup and embedding resiliency into and across your production environment - decreasing risk and complexity to increase agility - so you can capitalise on the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

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At Sungard AS, we help businesses transform their IT environments, ensuring they are resilient and recoverable. We leverage our 40 years of experience across a broad range of IT landscapes to align the right workloads with the right infrastructures—whether hybrid cloud, legacy or something in between.

We are 3,000 employees strong, spread across the Americas, Europe and India.

We are the people who make resilience a reality so you can focus on what's important - whether that means delivering packages or patient care, managing finances or the fleet, capturing sales or streamlining processes on the factory floor.

Since we are a recognised leader in disaster recovery, we are also the people who ensure the availability of mission-critical operations during minor disruptions or major disasters.

As a result, we can help our customers lessen the risk and complexity of IT transformation, so they can lead with resilience and take on the forces of change.