Protect your organisation’s reputation, 
productivity and value.

Sungard Availability Services Workplace Recovery will help you get on top of a potentially show-stopping incident very quickly. Even if your office was to be
burnt to the ground, your recovery office could be live with full telephony and IT
within three hours - immediately if you have opted for our dedicated service.
But not every business is so time-sensitive that every second counts so the first thing we do is listen. This may sound obvious but we need to understand what you actually need so we can help you achieve the business outcomes you are looking for.
Some of your requirements will be driven by how long you can tolerate being without an office (this is known as the ‘Recovery Time Objective’ or ‘RTO’) and others by what point in time you want to recover back to (the ‘Recovery Point Objective’ or ‘RPO’).

Then there are considerations like which locations you need to protect against location specific risks, regulatory guida​nce and the need to mitigate wide area threats.

We offer a range of Workplace Recovery options so you can choose the solution that best meets your business’ recovery needs and budget.
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