The workplace is changing. This much we know. Transformation is being driven by ever-increasing demands on the nation’s infrastructure. Housing is less available and more expensive. Ditto office space. Meanwhile, our road and rail networks are becoming overcrowded, adding to commuting times and detracting from our quality of life.

This capacity crunch is matched only by the technologies – cloud computing primarily among them – that are making a new way of working possible. Employees are becoming increasingly mobile as applications, services and data are made available any time, any place, anywhere. The office, that cathedral of steel and glass, is not about to disappear, but this new way of working – flexible, agile and mobile – is such that every organisation needs to think hard about how it can enjoy an efficiency premium and ensure resilience against disaster.

This Sungard Availability Services supplement, Public Sector 2.0: Resilience, Efficiency and Reinventing the Workplace, focuses on these very issues.

Modern society’s demands on public sector operations are increasingly complex. Today’s hybrid IT environments have to deliver the right mix of services, technology, vendors and processes to support the unique needs of health, education, central and local government bodies.

Such diversity creates complexity, which in turn slows progress and hinders innovation, something 67 per cent of public sector organisations are currently experiencing.*

Delivering the infrastructure required to ensure an organisation going it alone is nigh on impossible. Sungard Availability Services provides an approach that’s tailored to your operation’s requirements – from legacy to cloud and resiliency to continuity. Helping you to adapt to

* Research conducted in September/October 2015 by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Sungard Availability Services

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