Having spent a number of years engulfed in hype and excitement, cloud computing can now be said to have officially reached the mainstream, with 84 per cent of businesses having adopted this IT model.

The cloud has had a crucial role to play in the evolution of the retail sector, working as a driving force in shifting the expectations and buying habits of consumers. With customers coming to expect a constant level of service, having a robust and reliable online presence is a must-have for even the smallest retail organisation. Transactions are no longer confined to ‘working hours’ but run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This new model of working can be somewhat unpredictable, with organisations needing to be online and able to service customers at any time, regardless of traffic demands. In this instance, availability and infrastructure flexibility are decisive factors in success. 
But new technology often means a new set of challenges – and the retail sector is now dealing with some unexpected difficulties as a result of their initial cloud investments. 

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