Cyber security is making the news every day with headlines of hacks, scams, and data breaches. Yet most businesses are not where they want to be when it comes to cyber security. Why not? The pressure is certainly on. The need is obvious. What's missing?

What's missing is not some crucial technological widget or some vital piece of coding. There is no "silver bullet" that would make everything secure.

The greatest threat to cyber security has nothing to do with technology or the lack of it. It is deeper and more foundational than that. The reason most businesses aren't where they want to be when it comes to cyber security has to do with their culture, perspective and strategy.

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Security can never be "put to bed." It is never finished. Cyber security will always be on the agenda at board meetings because security is a journey that requires headcount, budget, governance, executive-level decisions, continuous improvement, and all the rest of it… just like any other key area of the business.