Fully managed, cloud-based recovery and hosting services for AT&T customers

Sungard AS partners with AT&T to provide production and recovery services to AT&T NetBond for Cloud customers. Collaborating for more than 10 years, the companies work to understand customer needs and to tailor solutions that achieve their desired business outcomes.

Sungard AS Cloud Services and AT&T NetBond for Cloud

AT&T NetBond® for Cloud which allows you to connect your MPLS VPN to cloud service providers, can be combined with Sungard AS Connect Plus for Netbond to ensure fast, highly secure connections to critical business applications and disaster recovery services in Sungard AS data centers. Connect your MPLS VPN to cloud service providers with AT&T NetBond® for Cloud. Then, use Sungard AS Connect Plus to access your critical applications and disaster recovery services in our data centers to boost speed and security.

AT&T NetBond allows organisations to access their business applications over a highly secure connection. When you combine this with Sungard AS Cloud Services, you have a solution that is both dynamic and resilient, that's able to address true hybrid environments while providing end-to-end continuity.

Michelle LaVan, Vice President, Channel Services, Sungard AS

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