Customer Advisory Board

The Voice of Sungard AS Customers

The Sungard Availability Services Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is composed of Sungard AS customers spanning a wide range of industry sectors, geographic locations and technology usage within the Sungard AS customer base. Their varied responsibilities – not confined solely to business continuity - and wide-ranging experience means the CAB's input is greatly valued by Sungard AS.

Collectively, the CAB's role is to represent the customer viewpoint on existing and proposed Sungard AS policies and procedures and influence the quality and direction of Sungard AS services to ensure they continue to meet customers' needs and expectations.

Regular Advisory Board meetings enable Sungard AS to gain frank feedback on plans and give CAB members an opportunity to voice concerns and comments that have been brought to their attention. Meetings are also used to educate members on business continuity issues of shared interest with information provided by individual customers, other suppliers, Sungard AS itself or professional and regulatory bodies.

Next Meeting: 08/11/2017

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Customer Advisory Board Members:

CAB members are invited to serve for three years, retiring in rotation, but are able to serve a further term by mutual agreement. At all times Sungard AS' aim is to ensure the CAB represents a diverse mix of customers.

The members of the Board are:​

  • Bert van Haarlem
    Manager Operations & IT / Royal BAM Group nv
  • Jon Summers
    Head of Crisis & Incident Management | Sainsbury's Bank
  • Koen Uyttenhove
    Systems Architecture and Quality Leader | Transics
  • Lee Webb
    Global Head of Recovery Solutioning & Provisioning | Barclays
  • Mark Reid
    Chief Information Officer / John Menzies PLC
  • Sean O'Dell
    Senior Director - Managed Services | ABB Enterprise Software UK Ltd
  • Sarah Bentley
    Chief Customer Officer / Severn Trent Water Ltd

All members of the Advisory Board are happy to be contacted with comments or suggestions concerning Sungard AS services or to offer practical advice. They c​an be contacted by emailing as.europe.advisoryboard.europe​