Case Study

Cementos Progreso taps Sungard AS for cloud disaster recovery

In 1899, Don Carlos Federico Novella Klee invested in a material that was then unknown to Guatemala: cement. The entire country witnessed the value of his investment in 1976 when an earthquake practically destroyed the city — and buildings made with cement withstood much of the damage.

Since then, Guatemala has continued to flourish — and so has Novella’s investment, now known as Cementos Progreso. Cementos Progreso is today the largest producer and distributor of cement and other construction materials in the region.

But tumultuous weather conditions mean the risk of natural disaster remains high. Romeo Chavez Morales, Manager of IT Infrastructure at Cementos Progreso, knows that in the event of another earthquake his country would rely upon his business to get back on its feet. To protect his business, Cementos Progreso turned to Sungard Availability Services.

Partnering for business solutions

Cementos Progreso already had a colocation site in Guatemala. But in 2010, Chavez and his team decided it was time to implement a disaster recovery plan outside of the country to avoid losing access to their 12 critical business applications, including SAP.

“Sungard AS offered a solution that was intriguing — not to mention cost-effective,” says Chavez. Skeptical at first, “we did extensive research online and within our industry, and everyone told us that Sungard AS was a great partner for business continuity.” Chavez understood the Sungard AS approach of focusing first on the business challenges, not the technology.

Chavez and his team traveled to Philadelphia to see firsthand Sungard AS’ state-of-the-art facilities — and they were very impressed. “We spoke with engineers and other technical personnel and they really amazed us in terms of how the technology works.” Chavez and his team quickly realized that Sungard AS was “the perfect partner and Recover2Cloud was the perfect solution,” one that could be tailored and scaled to suit their exact business needs.

Strategic approach

Chavez initially assumed Cementos Progreso would use colocation services to back up its data in another country with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 24 hours. He had concerns that colocation would require a significant investment in equipment, infrastructure and support, or the hiring of a third party to support it.

To the surprise of both Chavez and his IT team, the Sungard AS proposal eliminated all of those concerns. Sungard AS proposed Recover2Cloud for Server Replication (R2C SR) which would allow Cementos Progreso to outsource the recovery solution.

Sungard AS’ R2C SR solution offered a superior RPO and RTO, managed replication with failover, no further need for CAPEX, and an OPEX costing less than the colocation solution that Cementos Progreso would need to manage. R2C SR gave Cementos Progreso everything it needed operationally, while also providing the human support necessary to assure Chavez that the recovery services would work 100 percent of the time.

“Sungard AS had our system up and running seamlessly — it was like a dream come true,” says Chavez. “We now have the ability to replicate all 12 of our applications in real-time in the event of a disaster — in less than four hours, which is truly remarkable.”

“If something bad happens, we have to be able to help rebuild our country,” says Chavez. “And for us, that means being able to depend on a disaster recovery solution that will work no matter what.”


Aside from the confidence Chavez and his team now have in making sure business continues as usual, Sungard AS R2C SR has given Cementos Progreso:

  • The ability to replicate all 12 critical applications including SAP with a RPO of less than 30 minutes and a RTO of less than four hours
  • 24/7 monitoring of the protected recovery environment
  • A team of availability experts to ensure smooth, uninterrupted recovery efforts
  • A cost-effective solution