Disaster Recovery Services and Business Continuity Management


Protecting your data, managing your recovery

While there's no single recovery technology capable of spanning today's vast and varied IT landscape, there is a single recovery solution: Sungard AS Recovery and Business Continuity Services.

As hybrid IT becomes the new normal, it's likely your production environment is a blend of in-house and external data centres, public and private clouds from various providers, and siloed legacy systems. This complex IT service delivery chain creates multiple points of potential failure, making it harder to get back to business if disaster strikes.

Be prepared, be resilient

IT Disaster recovery planning isn't a one-and-done exercise – you need to define, document and test your recovery process on an on-going basis to keep pace with IT and business change. You need a fully-functional copy of your environment on hand that will allow you to recover applications, data and workloads after a disruptive event – not just the servers they run on.

But amid competing priorities, finding the time, resources or expertise needed for continuity planning and disaster recovery for your business is often postponed ... until the unthinkable happens.

Even a few seconds of downtime can mean lost revenue, dissatisfied customers and missed opportunities to get and stay ahead in a competitive market. As business continuity service providers, Sungard AS combine a full range of services into a single tailored business continuity management (bcm) solution, focused on data protection and recovery. Our approach spans people, processes and technology to fully prepare you for disruption, downtime or disaster.

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Choose the right disaster recovery and business continuity service

As a leader in maintaining always-on environments for our customers, we can assess your operational risks, apply proven processes to address them and provide innovative management tools for a high level of business continuity—making your mission-critical operations happen everyday.

Cloud-Based Recovery

Our tiered cloud-based recovery services allow you to balance cost with criticality. We offer server replication with near-zero RPOs and RTOs of under four hours for critical applications, or cloud vaulting with RPOs of under 12 hours for less critical data, workloads and applications. And we can act as a single point of recovery for virtual machines and data in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.


Systems and Data Recovery

For mission-critical data, our replication services can deliver a fully-functional copy of your environment in a ready-to-use state within 4 – 12 hours. For less urgent recovery requirements or long-term data retention, you can opt for cost-effective backup and vaulting to meet RTOs and RPOs of 24 – 48 hours.


Recovery Management

We can provide the people, processes and tools you need to recover effectively, with a solution that is right-sized to your business. We'll work seamlessly with your own staff to coordinate the proactive maintenance and management of your recovery solution.


Business Continuity Management

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Beyond getting back to business after a downtime event, we can help you avoid a disastrous event altogether with our solutions for business continuity. By defining and documenting what needs to be done and when—and who is responsible for action when the threat of downtime emerges—you can react to risks in real time to eliminate the need to recover.


Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for business continuity and recovery?

Our consultants will help you plan, implement and manage your recovery environment – from defining your recovery objectives and data protection requirements, to recommending and implementing a complete solution, documenting recovery processes and performing rigorous testing.

Sungard AS has been managing mission-critical production and recovery environments for 40 years, and is recognised as a leader in IDC’s DRaaS MarketScape.

For more information about the solutions in our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity portfolio, see Cloud-Based Recovery Services, System and Data Recovery Services and Business Continuity Services.

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