For over 65 years, the international investor 3i, a longstanding Sungard Availability Services customer, has been working with management teams to develop businesses that have potential for significant growth. The firm, which focuses its investments in the three key areas of private equity, infrastructure and debt management, has £13bn assets under management and employs around 500 people across 13 countries. 3i recognised that it needed either to invest considerable sums in upgrading its ageing data centre or entrust its critical IT systems, on which the entire business depends, to a third party to manage. Following rigorous examination of all alternatives, and wanting to sell the building in which its data centre was housed, 3i opted to outsource its IT infrastructure management.

The Birmingham-based data centre supports not only 3i’s Birmingham office but also its UK, Mainland Europe and New York operations. Tim Rance, Director of IT Infrastructure for 3i knew their choice of provider was critical to the success of the project. Highlighting just one of its IT systems, he explained, “We store all our deal-related documentation on an internal portal where it needs to be accessible to colleagues globally to collaborate effectively as a virtual deal team. The inability to access our systems for an extended period would cause severe operational difficulties and cost us time and money.”





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