In 1899, Don Carlos Federico Novella Klee invested in a material that was then unknown to Guatemala: cement. The entire country witnessed the value of his investment in 1976 when an earthquake practically destroyed the city — and buildings made with cement withstood much of the damage.

Since then, Guatemala has continued to flourish — and so has Novella’s investment, now known as Cementos Progreso. Cementos Progreso is today the largest producer and distributor of cement and other construction materials in the region.

But tumultuous weather conditions mean the risk of natural disaster remains high. Romeo Chavez Morales, Manager of IT Infrastructure at Cementos Progreso, knows that in the event of another earthquake his country would rely upon his business to get back on its feet. To protect his business, Cementos Progreso turned to Sungard Availability Services.

We don’t think of Sungard as a provider – they are our partner

Manager of IT Infrastructure, Cementos Progreso