PhonepayPlus (formerly known as ICSTIS) is responsible for regulating premium rate services in the UK. These are the premium rate goods and services – such as calls to competition lines, directory enquiries, booking lines, text messaging and ‘red button’ services – consumers can buy by charging the cost to their phone bill and/or pre-pay account. The organisation investigates complaints and, if its rules have been broken, can fine the company responsible, bar access to the company’s services and even ban the individual behind the company from running other similar services.

Recognising that the failure of its IT or telephony systems could leave members of the public vulnerable, and cause inconvenience for providers and other stakeholders, PhonepayPlus embarked on the search for a true business continuity partner.

IS Manager Mark Bend explains, “I used to worry that, if our systems were to fail or there were problems with our office, we would be letting down both members of the public who need our advice and providers and other stakeholders who depend on us. But having Sungard behind us gives me complete peace of mind.”

Sungard is the best in the market from what I can see. Business continuity is its core business, whereas for many of its competitors it’s just an add-on.

IS Manager, PhonepayPlus





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